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TheraParent Coaching

The complete path to help your child improve posture, movements and quality of life at your own pace in the comfort of your home.
You can drastically change the way you are helping your child.
Become a TheraParent™ and master how to do fascia therapy and how to seize every opportunity to help your child. 
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 This coaching program is for you if...


You are an ambitious parent and you want
the best for your child.

• You want to be empowered with skills that really help your child.

• You want to learn how to help your child at home, at your own pace following a customized program.

• You see the potential your child has but you are unsure of how to maximize it. 

You can help your child go beyond expectations.

Let's get into action!

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With this program you will:

• Develop the mindset you need to help your child.

• Acquire a full understanding about fascia and why it matters when helping your child.

• Deeply assess your child's fascial system to track the improvements that will come.

• Master specific fascia techniques to work on your child's body and help them improve movement and posture.

• Design a fascia therapy schedule that fits your lifestyle.

• Identify and seize every opportunity to strengthen your child's body.

• Implement a system to work on your child's fascia for a full year.

• Receive weekly support from Mariana and be part of a like-minded parents' community. 


Book a TheraParent Discovery Call

What's inside

Over the last 14 years, we’ve been teaching parents how to do fascia therapy with their children… and we have learned a lot along the way!

“Mariana please, I want to learn more, help me understand why and show me exactly what to do!”  This is what you are getting in this coaching program.

I am giving EVERYTHING you need to EMPOWER you! This is not just a protocol to follow. These are not just techniques. This is an advanced program that will help you become the best TheraParent™ so you help your child go beyond expectations. 

Let's defy the diagnosis together! I will guide you and help you:

•  Prepare for Success. Why do you want to do this in the first place and how can you uplevel your parenting skills. 

•  Understand your Child's Condition. Let's see your child from a different lens, where the science of fascia and the understanding of biotensegrity give us a powerful approach to help. 

• Become a TheraParent™. How you will make it happen and the skills to develop and the techniques to transform your child's body.

• Build a Custom Therapy Routine. A gentle approach that targets fascia, specifically designed for your child, based on their needs and adjusted to your own lifestyle! (and yes, you can work with your child while they sleep).

• Treat your Child with Ease. Slowly implement your program and receive the support you need to overcome every obstacle that you might encounter. 

• Track & Enjoy Success. When we document how your child is, and how they progress, and we go back and compare, we can fine-tune the strategy and celebrate improvements. 

Book a TheraParent Discovery Call

TheraParent Coaching includes:

  • A full year of customized fascia techniques for your child, including 3 private assessment calls and step-by-step video tutorials.
  • ​12-month access to the TheraParent Method.
  • ​​​Weekly group coaching calls with Mariana.
  • ​Private community of like-minded parents.
  • Live extra classes with special guests and professionals​.
Book a TheraParent Discovery Call