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Essential Fascia Therapy for CP

Essential Fascia Therapy
for Cerebral Palsy

This course gives you what you need to start helping your child with cerebral palsy. From a bit of theory to the fundamental techniques to address your child's fascia, and the support you need to succeed!


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DIY Fascia Roller
for tight muscles

Free mini-course. Build a DIY super soft fascia roller to help your child relax tight muscles.




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Let's keep
your head up!

When your child is not holding the head just yet, you can build a soft head support that will, not only hold the head up but help your child get stronger with more head control, because it targets fascia. This soft-neck support also helps to promote overall relaxation of your child.

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20-Minute Routine to Relax your Child's Legs 

An online course that teaches parents of kids with CP a gentle and effective routine to relax the legs of their children.
Based on fascia research and craniosacral therapy.



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10-Ideas to develop your child's hands.

You will learn 10 different ideas to stimulate the development of your child’s hand by addressing the fascial system.

These are not fine motor activities, these are ways to activate the mechanisms babies use before they develop their fine motor skills.

These ideas are great for fisted hands. 

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Essential Fascia Therapy for CP

¡Vamos a mantener tu cabeza en alto! 

Si tu hijo(a) no ha logrado controlar su cabeza aún, puedes construir este soporte de cabeza super suave el cual, no solo dará sostén a su cabeza, sino también ayudará a desarrollar un mejor control, porque estará trabajando sobre la fascia. Este soporte también ayuda a relajar a tu hijo(a).

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Essential Fascia Therapy for CP

Roller de fascia casero para relajar músculos tensos

Aprende cómo hacer un roller (rodillo) super suave casero, cómo usarlo y dónde para que ayudes a tu hijo a relajar músculos tensos. 

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